Thursday, 6 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Represents Numerous Musical Artists

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca has worked with numerous artists in the studio and on the road. Regardless of where he works with them, Roy Sciacca focuses on what makes that artists unique and seeks to develop that brand for the public. Roy Sciacca is particularly passionate about Latin American pop music and has worked with major artists such as Ricky Martin and Jose Feliciano. When he works with such prominent artists, Roy Sciacca focuses on creativity and innovation as key elements of the marketing process.

Roy Sciacca

For Ricky Martin, Roy Sciacca worked with Cellular One in Puerto Rico for a massive promotion campaign, the Ricky Martin Phone Card. Even with other artists, Roy Sciacca has focused on the integrity of the creative process as well as the scope of the ideas created. To successfully advise, promote, and work alongside artists such as Janet Jackson, KISS, and Chicago, Roy Sciacca had to think in ways that created trends, not reacted to them. Roy Sciacca also works with at least a dozen artists through his own International Touring Company.

Aside from the artists that he currently works with, Roy Sciacca is preparing himself for the artists that he will represent tomorrow and beyond. One of these artists will be the winner of Recreating a Legend, which Roy Sciacca is producing alongside his company Creative Licensing, Inc. The reality program will discover a living legend to become the next worldwide recording artist sensation. By thinking long-term about his own career goals and the growth potential of these artists, Roy Sciacca is able to shape his career in such a way that he can continue to grow as these artists’ careers grow as well. Roy Sciacca list of credits includes an impressive 100 music videos and approximately 400 live performance events.

Roy Sciacca Balances Multiple Entertainment Industry Responsibilities

At the age of 56, Roy Sciacca has had an incredibly successful career spanning various niches in the entertainment industry. While he’s excited for the many experiences yet to come, he’s also proud of what he’s accomplished so far. In 1986, Roy Sciacca became an important name in Hollywood when he established Late Night Studios. This full production sound-stage facility combined state of the art equipment with an atmosphere conducive to creativity.

Roy Sciacca
Aside from managing Late Night Studios, Roy Sciacca is also a musical performer himself, having played in the L.A. rock as well as many other venues. Roy Sciacca also works firsthand with platinum celebrities to help manage, brand, and promote their careers. Having produced approximately 400 live concert events, Roy Sciacca is widely known for his ability to coordinate major live performances.

Roy Sciacca has also helped produce 100 music videos that have garnered hundreds of millions of views worldwide. As such a major producer and management executive in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca attributes his success to his commitment to quality work and quality artistry with the artists he works with. Regardless of all the responsibilities of his career, Roy Sciacca enjoys continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

For instance, Roy Sciacca was one of the first entertainment industry professionals to use internet marketing to promote an artist. In 1999, Roy Sciacca created the official “On-Line” fan club for Ricky Martin to unite his fans digitally. Regardless of the project that he works with, Roy Sciacca focuses on the details and creative process to ensure stellar results. Artists that Roy Sciacca has worked with include Alan Jackson, KISS, and Chicago. While Roy Sciacca enjoys working in every aspect of the entertainment industry, he is particularly passionate about Latin music.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Encourages Artists to Support a Cause

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca has always been committed to helping not only his peers, but the greater public as well. One of the ways that Roy Sciacca has been able to contribute to his industry is through the foundation of Late Night Studios, a full production sound-stage facility that is based in Hollywood, CA. By founding Late Night Studios, Roy Sciacca was able to provide artists, engineers, and other creatives an atmosphere where they could record incredible sound productions.

Roy Sciacca
After establishing his career in the industry as one of the top producers and managers, Roy Sciacca is hoping to use his influence to encourage artists to support a cause. For instance, Roy Sciacca is personally getting back in the beverage industry, which he had previously left in 2004. Throughout 2013, Roy Sciacca is planning to develop and launch a brand new beverage company alongside a new line of products.

These beverages will focus on healthy initiatives and will promote healthy consciousness among the greater public, according to Roy Sciacca. He hopes that many of the artists and celebrities he’s worked with will not only consider helping his efforts to promote healthy living, but will find their own causes to support as well. Roy Sciacca is a firm believer that public figures with influence should consider using their sway to positively impact the greater good.

For Roy Sciacca, his passion lies for creating a healthier world, which is why he is excited to get back into the beverage industry. With the support of major artists, Roy Sciacca has no doubt that his initiative to promote health conscious choices will succeed. Furthermore, even if artists decide not to support the efforts through his beverage company, Roy Sciacca hopes that they will determine their own cause to champion for their fans.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Discusses Experience with NASCAR

Roy Sciacca is an entertainment industry professional who has a love for high-speed, extreme behavior. Whenever he isn’t in the studio, managing artists, or producing international tours, Roy Sciacca is enjoying his time on the racetrack watching extreme drag racing. By 1997, Roy Sciacca realized that he could combine his love for NASCAR with his entertainment career.

1997 through 1999, Roy Sciacca was involved with helping produce the 50th Anniversary NASCAR tour, which culminated in Roy Sciacca being asked to work for the inaugural opening of Homestead Raceways. The event occurred in Florida in 1999 in front of thousands of cheering fans. Roy Sciacca was in charge of producing the entertainment portion of the event.

Aside from working with this major NASCAR event, Roy Sciacca was also introduced to the NHRA – Nation Hot Rod Association. As he fell in love with drag racing, Roy Sciacca came up with the idea of the Velocity Tour. This tour would span 3-day weekends at each event. Roy Sciacca was responsible for organizing 11 stages and 50 performing bands in the midst of the X-Games, and highlighted were over 200 vehicles racing at incredible speeds. 

Roy Sciacca

Because of his experience in producing over 400 live event concerts internationally, Roy Sciacca was able to easily able to produce one of the largest live tour events in racing history. Getting to incorporate his hobbies and interests with his career allowed Roy Sciacca the opportunity to provide fans an astonishing experience. The Velocity Tour was hailed as a weekend of extreme behavior that drew the attention of thousands of fans.

Throughout the duration of the tour, over five European countries as well as the United States were able to experience this amazing event. Though he currently isn’t working on any major entertainment productions with NASCAR, Roy Sciacca is still extremely involved in live event production as well as other entertainment endeavors, particularly in the music industry.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Produces Elvis Presley Museum Tour

Though he works with many of today’s hottest artists, Roy Sciacca also maintains the highest level of respect for musical legends such as Elvis Presley. As an American music memorabilia collector, Roy Sciacca has many artifacts and collectibles that once belonged to Presley or were closely associated with his career. While Roy Sciacca has deep appreciation for the King of Rock and Roll, he hopes that audiences and artists today respect him as well.

Roy Sciacca

To honor the life and career of Elvis Presley, Roy Sciacca donated his collection and established the concept for the Elvis Presley Memorabilia Museum World Tour. This tour travelled numerous European countries and the United States within the course of two years. Elvis enthusiasts, music fans, and historians were able to enjoy these historic collectibles thanks to the tour that Roy Sciacca helped produce. At the end of the tour, the artifacts were transferred to the Elvis Presley Museum in Las Vegas, NV.

Many of Elvis Presley’s singles such as Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, and Jailhouse Rock have defined not only Rock and Roll, but have shaped the direction of the music industry. Roy Sciacca has incorporated his appreciate for classic music with the work that he does with many of today’s artists. By mixing musical and creative integrity with incredible production value, Roy Sciacca is able to produce music videos and live concert events that excite fans and create memorable experiences.

The Elvis Presley Tour that Roy Sciacca helped conceive and produce ran from 1994-1996. It’s one of the first memorabilia tours of its kind, especially for such a legendary artist. Roy Sciacca hopes that the entertainment industry will continue to support and celebrate the work of musical legends. Roy Sciacca is 56 years old and currently works with musical artists such as Jose Feliciano.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Celebrates the Entertainment Industry

Roy Sciacca has a passion for entertainment and all things related to music, and he is enthusiastic to share that passion with others. Throughout his life, Roy Sciacca has been provided opportunity after opportunity to not only entertain people, but also give artists a platform to entertain people. An entertainment industry insider, Roy Sciacca has been involved in the industry for over two-thirds of his life. He has worked with many producers, managers, and artists in LA and is considered to be an entertainment leader in Hollywood. 

Roy Sciacca

Born to entertain, Roy Sciacca balances many responsibilities and activities in the entertainment capital of the world. Roy Sciacca is very involved in the rock scene as both a performing musician and club owner. Roy Sciacca has also produced approximately 400 live concert events throughout the globe with major artists such as Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin. Aside from production efforts, Roy Sciacca works to promote and advertise these tours.

When he isn’t working with live events or his clubs, Roy Sciacca also manages Late Night Studios, which he founded in Los Angeles. This major full production stage facility gives recording artists, musicians, and engineers the opportunity to perform their craft with state of the art equipment. Roy Sciacca established the studios in 1986 to help boost creativity and bring a state of the art facility to the heart of Hollywood.

Roy Sciacca

At the age of 56, Roy Sciacca still has a lot of energy and passion for the industry. “It’s what I was born to do,” explains Roy Sciacca. This mentality and passion also carries over to the way that Roy Sciacca conducts business. Having worked with major artists such as KISS and Alice Cooper knows that certain artists were truly born to entertain, and he is passionate about working with them. Currently, Roy Sciacca is working with Jose Feliciano through a contract that began in July 2012 as well as over a dozen other artists who are signed to his International Touring Company.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Discusses Upcoming Reality Program

Entertainment industry mogul Roy Sciacca is excited to discuss a riveting new reality program that he and his team at CLI Global are producing. Recreating a Legend is a major reality program that will search the globe for the next iconic recording and performing artist. Roy Sciacca is thrilled with the opportunity to give raw, undiscovered talent such a huge platform to showcase their skill, ability, and love for music.

Recreating a Legend is one of the largest endeavors of its kind. Because it searches the globe – not just a single country – for the next musical legend, planning and management are paramount to its success. Roy Sciacca reassures that his team at Creative Licensing, Inc. are more than prepared and qualified to handle such a monumental project. Live auditions as well as internet opportunities will give aspiring artists all over the world the chance to be heard.

Roy Sciacca says that 12 contestants will be selected from multiple countries for the viewing public to vote upon. The diversity of talent and culture will provide audiences a wide array of music never heard before on any talent competition. To achieve such an enormous project, Roy Sciacca is combining his skills and experiences from both the music and film industries.

As a music industry insider, Roy Sciacca has worked with numerous platinum artists and has produced approximately 400 live concerts. This experience will allow Roy Sciacca the ability to produce the live shows and taping for Recreating a Legend. Furthermore, Roy Sciacca has also helped produce 100 music videos. In fact, Roy Sciacca is so experienced and influential in film that the Florida Film Commission recognized him with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

By combining these various experiences and skills, Roy Sciacca will be able to help produce and manage what is arguably one of the largest talent searches in history