Monday, 27 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Produces Elvis Presley Museum Tour

Though he works with many of today’s hottest artists, Roy Sciacca also maintains the highest level of respect for musical legends such as Elvis Presley. As an American music memorabilia collector, Roy Sciacca has many artifacts and collectibles that once belonged to Presley or were closely associated with his career. While Roy Sciacca has deep appreciation for the King of Rock and Roll, he hopes that audiences and artists today respect him as well.

Roy Sciacca

To honor the life and career of Elvis Presley, Roy Sciacca donated his collection and established the concept for the Elvis Presley Memorabilia Museum World Tour. This tour travelled numerous European countries and the United States within the course of two years. Elvis enthusiasts, music fans, and historians were able to enjoy these historic collectibles thanks to the tour that Roy Sciacca helped produce. At the end of the tour, the artifacts were transferred to the Elvis Presley Museum in Las Vegas, NV.

Many of Elvis Presley’s singles such as Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, and Jailhouse Rock have defined not only Rock and Roll, but have shaped the direction of the music industry. Roy Sciacca has incorporated his appreciate for classic music with the work that he does with many of today’s artists. By mixing musical and creative integrity with incredible production value, Roy Sciacca is able to produce music videos and live concert events that excite fans and create memorable experiences.

The Elvis Presley Tour that Roy Sciacca helped conceive and produce ran from 1994-1996. It’s one of the first memorabilia tours of its kind, especially for such a legendary artist. Roy Sciacca hopes that the entertainment industry will continue to support and celebrate the work of musical legends. Roy Sciacca is 56 years old and currently works with musical artists such as Jose Feliciano.

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