Sunday, 19 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Discusses Upcoming Reality Program

Entertainment industry mogul Roy Sciacca is excited to discuss a riveting new reality program that he and his team at CLI Global are producing. Recreating a Legend is a major reality program that will search the globe for the next iconic recording and performing artist. Roy Sciacca is thrilled with the opportunity to give raw, undiscovered talent such a huge platform to showcase their skill, ability, and love for music.

Recreating a Legend is one of the largest endeavors of its kind. Because it searches the globe – not just a single country – for the next musical legend, planning and management are paramount to its success. Roy Sciacca reassures that his team at Creative Licensing, Inc. are more than prepared and qualified to handle such a monumental project. Live auditions as well as internet opportunities will give aspiring artists all over the world the chance to be heard.

Roy Sciacca says that 12 contestants will be selected from multiple countries for the viewing public to vote upon. The diversity of talent and culture will provide audiences a wide array of music never heard before on any talent competition. To achieve such an enormous project, Roy Sciacca is combining his skills and experiences from both the music and film industries.

As a music industry insider, Roy Sciacca has worked with numerous platinum artists and has produced approximately 400 live concerts. This experience will allow Roy Sciacca the ability to produce the live shows and taping for Recreating a Legend. Furthermore, Roy Sciacca has also helped produce 100 music videos. In fact, Roy Sciacca is so experienced and influential in film that the Florida Film Commission recognized him with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

By combining these various experiences and skills, Roy Sciacca will be able to help produce and manage what is arguably one of the largest talent searches in history

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