Saturday, 1 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Discusses Experience with NASCAR

Roy Sciacca is an entertainment industry professional who has a love for high-speed, extreme behavior. Whenever he isn’t in the studio, managing artists, or producing international tours, Roy Sciacca is enjoying his time on the racetrack watching extreme drag racing. By 1997, Roy Sciacca realized that he could combine his love for NASCAR with his entertainment career.

1997 through 1999, Roy Sciacca was involved with helping produce the 50th Anniversary NASCAR tour, which culminated in Roy Sciacca being asked to work for the inaugural opening of Homestead Raceways. The event occurred in Florida in 1999 in front of thousands of cheering fans. Roy Sciacca was in charge of producing the entertainment portion of the event.

Aside from working with this major NASCAR event, Roy Sciacca was also introduced to the NHRA – Nation Hot Rod Association. As he fell in love with drag racing, Roy Sciacca came up with the idea of the Velocity Tour. This tour would span 3-day weekends at each event. Roy Sciacca was responsible for organizing 11 stages and 50 performing bands in the midst of the X-Games, and highlighted were over 200 vehicles racing at incredible speeds. 

Roy Sciacca

Because of his experience in producing over 400 live event concerts internationally, Roy Sciacca was able to easily able to produce one of the largest live tour events in racing history. Getting to incorporate his hobbies and interests with his career allowed Roy Sciacca the opportunity to provide fans an astonishing experience. The Velocity Tour was hailed as a weekend of extreme behavior that drew the attention of thousands of fans.

Throughout the duration of the tour, over five European countries as well as the United States were able to experience this amazing event. Though he currently isn’t working on any major entertainment productions with NASCAR, Roy Sciacca is still extremely involved in live event production as well as other entertainment endeavors, particularly in the music industry.

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