Thursday, 6 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Represents Numerous Musical Artists

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca has worked with numerous artists in the studio and on the road. Regardless of where he works with them, Roy Sciacca focuses on what makes that artists unique and seeks to develop that brand for the public. Roy Sciacca is particularly passionate about Latin American pop music and has worked with major artists such as Ricky Martin and Jose Feliciano. When he works with such prominent artists, Roy Sciacca focuses on creativity and innovation as key elements of the marketing process.

Roy Sciacca

For Ricky Martin, Roy Sciacca worked with Cellular One in Puerto Rico for a massive promotion campaign, the Ricky Martin Phone Card. Even with other artists, Roy Sciacca has focused on the integrity of the creative process as well as the scope of the ideas created. To successfully advise, promote, and work alongside artists such as Janet Jackson, KISS, and Chicago, Roy Sciacca had to think in ways that created trends, not reacted to them. Roy Sciacca also works with at least a dozen artists through his own International Touring Company.

Aside from the artists that he currently works with, Roy Sciacca is preparing himself for the artists that he will represent tomorrow and beyond. One of these artists will be the winner of Recreating a Legend, which Roy Sciacca is producing alongside his company Creative Licensing, Inc. The reality program will discover a living legend to become the next worldwide recording artist sensation. By thinking long-term about his own career goals and the growth potential of these artists, Roy Sciacca is able to shape his career in such a way that he can continue to grow as these artists’ careers grow as well. Roy Sciacca list of credits includes an impressive 100 music videos and approximately 400 live performance events.

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