Thursday, 6 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Balances Multiple Entertainment Industry Responsibilities

At the age of 56, Roy Sciacca has had an incredibly successful career spanning various niches in the entertainment industry. While he’s excited for the many experiences yet to come, he’s also proud of what he’s accomplished so far. In 1986, Roy Sciacca became an important name in Hollywood when he established Late Night Studios. This full production sound-stage facility combined state of the art equipment with an atmosphere conducive to creativity.

Roy Sciacca
Aside from managing Late Night Studios, Roy Sciacca is also a musical performer himself, having played in the L.A. rock as well as many other venues. Roy Sciacca also works firsthand with platinum celebrities to help manage, brand, and promote their careers. Having produced approximately 400 live concert events, Roy Sciacca is widely known for his ability to coordinate major live performances.

Roy Sciacca has also helped produce 100 music videos that have garnered hundreds of millions of views worldwide. As such a major producer and management executive in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca attributes his success to his commitment to quality work and quality artistry with the artists he works with. Regardless of all the responsibilities of his career, Roy Sciacca enjoys continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

For instance, Roy Sciacca was one of the first entertainment industry professionals to use internet marketing to promote an artist. In 1999, Roy Sciacca created the official “On-Line” fan club for Ricky Martin to unite his fans digitally. Regardless of the project that he works with, Roy Sciacca focuses on the details and creative process to ensure stellar results. Artists that Roy Sciacca has worked with include Alan Jackson, KISS, and Chicago. While Roy Sciacca enjoys working in every aspect of the entertainment industry, he is particularly passionate about Latin music.

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