Thursday, 23 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Celebrates the Entertainment Industry

Roy Sciacca has a passion for entertainment and all things related to music, and he is enthusiastic to share that passion with others. Throughout his life, Roy Sciacca has been provided opportunity after opportunity to not only entertain people, but also give artists a platform to entertain people. An entertainment industry insider, Roy Sciacca has been involved in the industry for over two-thirds of his life. He has worked with many producers, managers, and artists in LA and is considered to be an entertainment leader in Hollywood. 

Roy Sciacca

Born to entertain, Roy Sciacca balances many responsibilities and activities in the entertainment capital of the world. Roy Sciacca is very involved in the rock scene as both a performing musician and club owner. Roy Sciacca has also produced approximately 400 live concert events throughout the globe with major artists such as Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin. Aside from production efforts, Roy Sciacca works to promote and advertise these tours.

When he isn’t working with live events or his clubs, Roy Sciacca also manages Late Night Studios, which he founded in Los Angeles. This major full production stage facility gives recording artists, musicians, and engineers the opportunity to perform their craft with state of the art equipment. Roy Sciacca established the studios in 1986 to help boost creativity and bring a state of the art facility to the heart of Hollywood.

Roy Sciacca

At the age of 56, Roy Sciacca still has a lot of energy and passion for the industry. “It’s what I was born to do,” explains Roy Sciacca. This mentality and passion also carries over to the way that Roy Sciacca conducts business. Having worked with major artists such as KISS and Alice Cooper knows that certain artists were truly born to entertain, and he is passionate about working with them. Currently, Roy Sciacca is working with Jose Feliciano through a contract that began in July 2012 as well as over a dozen other artists who are signed to his International Touring Company.

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