Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Launches International Touring Company

Throughout his incredibly successful career in the entertainment and music industry, Roy Sciacca has worked with platinum artists such as Alice Cooper, Alan Jackson, and Jose Feliciano. Roy Sciacca and his team have produced over 100 music videos and nearly 400 live concert events around the globe. These experiences have made Roy Sciacca one of the most trusted names in music business and live events. 
Roy Sciacca

Because of his extensive experience and trusted reputation, Roy Sciacca and his company MBM Entertainment were able to land a multi-year deal with “Latin” artist Jose Feliciano. The contract gives Roy Sciacca and his team management and branding responsibilities for the Latin American music artist. Following the success of Jose Feliciano’s world tour, Roy Sciacca has decided to become even more involved with touring events.

In 2013, Roy Sciacca established his own International Touring Company, which currently represents over a dozen music artists on its roster. Aside from working with these artists and their teams, Roy Sciacca plays a very active role in planning and executing these live events. To launch an international tour, Roy Sciacca must consider elements such as tour dates, budget, artist and musician needs, venue considerations, the duration of the tour, travel arrangements, and much more.

Roy Sciacca

Since Roy Sciacca already has extensive experience preparing and producing numerous concerts, the launch of his International Touring Company has been smooth and impressively successful. As music sales continue to struggle amidst illegal downloading and the prominence of the internet, Roy Sciacca hopes that live events can engage fans in a unique way that no other medium can. “You can’t create the live experience,” says Roy Sciacca. “Simply watching a YouTube video or listening to an MP3 doesn’t recreate the experience of going to concert with your favorite artist performing for thousands of adoring fans.” Roy Sciacca remains excited for all the opportunities his new company will provide.

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