Monday, 3 June 2013

Roy Sciacca Encourages Artists to Support a Cause

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Roy Sciacca has always been committed to helping not only his peers, but the greater public as well. One of the ways that Roy Sciacca has been able to contribute to his industry is through the foundation of Late Night Studios, a full production sound-stage facility that is based in Hollywood, CA. By founding Late Night Studios, Roy Sciacca was able to provide artists, engineers, and other creatives an atmosphere where they could record incredible sound productions.

Roy Sciacca
After establishing his career in the industry as one of the top producers and managers, Roy Sciacca is hoping to use his influence to encourage artists to support a cause. For instance, Roy Sciacca is personally getting back in the beverage industry, which he had previously left in 2004. Throughout 2013, Roy Sciacca is planning to develop and launch a brand new beverage company alongside a new line of products.

These beverages will focus on healthy initiatives and will promote healthy consciousness among the greater public, according to Roy Sciacca. He hopes that many of the artists and celebrities he’s worked with will not only consider helping his efforts to promote healthy living, but will find their own causes to support as well. Roy Sciacca is a firm believer that public figures with influence should consider using their sway to positively impact the greater good.

For Roy Sciacca, his passion lies for creating a healthier world, which is why he is excited to get back into the beverage industry. With the support of major artists, Roy Sciacca has no doubt that his initiative to promote health conscious choices will succeed. Furthermore, even if artists decide not to support the efforts through his beverage company, Roy Sciacca hopes that they will determine their own cause to champion for their fans.

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