Saturday, 11 May 2013

Roy Sciacca Shares Passion for Latin American Music

Roy Sciacca is thrilled to share his passion for Latin American music with the world. As a music and entertainment industry veteran, Roy Sciacca has had years of experience working with high caliber musicians and artists. He’s worked firsthand with legends such as KISS and Janet Jackson as well as Lee Ann Womack and Alan Jackson. Despite his love for music in general, Roy Sciacca is particularly passionate about Latin American music, and is excited to share that music with the world.

Roy Sciacca

In July 2012, Roy Sciacca and his company MBM Entertainment landed a major management deal with Jose Feliciano. The contract gives Roy Sciacca and his company management and branding responsibilities for the “Latin” icon who has won nine Grammy Awards. However, this isn’t the first time that Roy Sciacca has worked with a major Latin music artist. Roy Sciacca has also worked with Ricky Martin, Menudo and many others.

“The music embraces such a rich sense of culture,” says Roy Sciacca. The blend of musicality, geography, culture, and language is what makes this music so appealing to Roy Sciacca and many others. Roy Sciacca is one of the first professionals in the music business to sense the expansion of the Hispanic market in the United States. Roy Sciacca hopes that his efforts to grow the careers of Latin music artists will provide music for a wide range of demographics.

Roy Sciacca

Popular styles include the Nueva Cancion, Salsa, Tejano Music, Latin Ballads, Reggaeton, and much more. Roy Sciacca hopes that these unique elements will continue to gain prominence and enrich the overall culture of music. “When we embrace new ideas and sounds, we’re developing our own sense of musicality,” says Roy Sciacca, who is thrilled to be able to share his passion for Latin American music through his career. At the age of 56, Roy Sciacca has had extensive experience in the industry, but Latin American music will always be one of his primary passions.

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